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Constipation Relief - Tips for Treating Constipation

While it is not usually debilitating or life-threatening, constipation can be highly irritating, causing a great deal of discomfort and pain throughout the day. There are many reasons that a person might become constipated, which can lead to infrequent bowel movements, hard-to-pass stools, straining while going to the bathroom, etc. Diet is a major cause of constipation. Many people become irregular because they are not getting the required amount of fiber in their daily diet. Not enough fluid intake can also lead to constipation. Therefore, a simple change in your normal dietary habit can bring you constipation relief naturally.

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This dietary change usually involves drinking more water. The recommended amount of water is eight cups a day. This is especially important for those who are experiencing constipation problems. Increasing your water intake can soften stools naturally, which will make them easier to pass, thereby providing much-needed constipation relief if you are suffering from it. Fluid intake, however, is not the only dietary change that may be required. Increasing the intake of foods that are high in fiber may also be necessary if you are not getting enough. These types of foods include fruits and vegetables, whole grain, eggs, and more.

If you do this and yet are still constipated, then you may need further treatment. There are home colonic kits on the market designed to help people achieve regular bowel movements. There are also stool softeners that will make passing stool easier. You may want to seriously consider a home colon therapy kit and this is hands down the best way to clear a blocked bowel. Other treatment options that are available include colon cleansers, enemas, and more products like these. You should research these different options for constipation relief but our research shows that colonic irrigation is one of the better ways to control constipation and constipation relief.

In very rare occasions, the constipation that you are experiencing may be associated with another condition. These conditions that can cause constipation include pelvic floor dysfunction, or it may be a colonic motility issue, or it may even be a more serious underlying disease or disorder. The different diseases that can cause this symptom include cancer of the colon, diabetes, a thyroid disorder, and more. These conditions usually have other symptoms associated with them besides chronic constipation.  If one of these conditions is the cause of your constipation, then you will need to treat it in order to get constipation relief. You will need to consult your doctor, who will be able to prescribe the best treatment method for you.